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Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

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Atria University celebrates innovation and promotes the entrepreneurial spirit. The Venture Capital Fund Competition (VCFC) is aimed at enabling young entrepreneurs to come up with new, exciting business ideas and proposals that would be viable in the real-world.

We ran VCFC 2020 this summer and received a large number of impressive submissions from students across India, aged between 16-18 years.

The Winning Ideas of VCFC 2020

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Three ideas showed the most promise for impact. The student-entrepreneurs’ pitch and defense of their business ideas highly impressed our expert panelists. The winners were announced on June 10, 2020, at an FB Live event.


PrediTech’s software will harness the power of artificial intelligence to reduce human error and improve efficiency in hospitals. PrediTech aims to drastically reduce waiting time at clinics for patients and help doctors to treat patients at ease. The operating system will be tailored in accordance with healthcare professionals so they can predict outcomes and enhance patient care.

Ishita Yadav

Blood Insure

Blood banks across the country are unable to conduct blood donation camps due to the lockdown. And, the fear of contracting coronavirus is preventing donors from donating blood. Leading to a severe scarcity across blood banks. To address this issue, Blood Insure would like to initiate donation-from-home services.

Shivank Joshi


SpaceY, a multipurpose online platform, aims to make manufacturing efficient in India. Their value proposition is simple: Reduce barriers in the industry and manufacturing present today, and boost productivity. The idea is to build a co-creative community platform that connects designers, makers, and the market, effortlessly.

Ratish Panda          Soham Sen

30 lacs 3 ideas

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The winning ideas will have access to a cumulative initial commitment of 30 Lacs to realize their startup dream. The fully-functional Atria Business Incubation Center (ABiC) will now help all the way from design, prototype, and market launch.

ABiC – Atria Business Incubation Centre

The incubation center enables deserving startups to transform useful innovations into profitable ventures with an eco-system of industry mentors, investor networks, academic research, and constructive services and infrastructure. The Center offers a large co-working hub (10,000-12,000 sq ft.) in the heart of Bangalore, with state-of-the-art infrastructure, including co-working spaces and collaboration rooms. Services like business starter kits, mentoring and guidance, cloud platforms and connectivity, financial and legal services, product-market-fit guidance, networking events, and marketing assistance.

The 8 Finalists

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Meet the student-entrepreneurs with ideas that made it to the final eight.

The Panel

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Our stellar panelists shortlisted 8 business ideas from the large number. The finalists defended their ideas during Dragon’s Den on June 4-5, 2020.

The Competition

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VCFC 2020 was open to high-school students in the age group of 16-18 years. Students from all academic backgrounds were welcome. We received an overwhelming number of submissions from cities across India like Bhilai, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur, Manikonda, among others. The business idea was required to be focused on one of our five majors - Digital Transformation, Energy Sciences, Interactive Technologies, Mobility, and Sustainable Life Sciences.

Ideas were submitted in a pre-defined format (Business Canvas). And, the evaluation was based on the idea, the concept, the presentation, sustainability in the real-world, among others.

Watch this space for VCFC 2.0.

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