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Atria University | Student Housing
Atria University | Student Housing

Welcome home! Undergrad is a memorable experience, one that will impact your lives in remarkable ways. The friends and connections you make now – will last a lifetime.

In between your many discoveries during the day and endless debates with your peers at night; we understand that you need a space that can easily blend. Perhaps from an active brainstorming pad to an engaging jamming lounge. This is why Atria University student housing is designed to ensure your undergrad journey is not only safe, but comfortable and fun.

Our undergrad program is fully residential and all students would be required to stay in student housing. (Exceptions may be allowed on a select basis.)

We have collaborated with Olive Living to provide top of the line student housing in Bangalore.

Once you have been accepted to Atria University, you can share your housing preference with us. You can choose to live either in our single occupancy accommodation, or co-live with a fellow student. However, the preferred allocation will be based on availability.

Our student housing is fully-furnished, with modern facilities to make your stay hassle-free. And, make you feel like you are home. Some of the prominent amenities include:

  • Spacious, well-ventilated bedrooms with modern furnishing (beds, study space, and cupboards)
  • Kitchenettes in all apartments – with basic appliances
  • Tech-equipped rooms. High-speed, uninterrupted internet access
  • Social spaces, like the lounge, that are perfect for jamming with friends
  • Private study areas for uninterrupted study
  • Co-working spaces designed to support collaborative, project work
  • Well-equipped gym facilities
  • Vending machines, for any-time snacking
  • Laundry facilities on-site
  • On call-doctor for any medical emergencies.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Embassy International Riding School

Keeping You Safe

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Our student housing is located in gated, secure apartment complexes to ensure your safety and security. The locations are digitally secured with CCTVs installed in all the common areas along with biometric access devices installed at entry/exit gates. Round the close security will also be present on the properties.

Medical Assistance

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Should the need arise, our student housing will have an on-call doctor for any emergencies. First-aid kits will be available in all apartments.

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