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Academic Partners

At Atria University, we are constantly on the lookout for radical thinkers and innovators who are as driven as we are towards imagining a better future. And are eager to accomplish the non-viable. Our academic partners are premier organizations leading research, development, and innovation, and are constantly forging new frontiers in their industries. More importantly, they are transformational and advancing the future of their respective industries through a supportive environment they create.

A significant portion of our curriculum is centered around real-world projects, where the world is the classroom. Atria University partners are committed to providing students with real-world problem-solving experience through a project-based approach. Our partners’ extended networks and futuristic vision enable our students to experiment and innovate, pursue pioneering research, and interact with industry leaders.

Our partner collaborations include joint research, faculty sharing, student projects, and internship opportunities.

CMTI | Academic Partner | Atria University

Central Manufacturing
Technology Institute

Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) is a Research & Development organization providing 'Technology Solutions' to assist technological growth in the country. CMTI plays a key role in applied research, design, and development (RD&D), technology forecasting, assimilation, and dissemination of manufacturing technology to Indian industries.

This Government of India Society has continuously aligned its facilities and expertise with the fast-changing technology in thrust areas of Nanotechnology, Precision engineering, Metrology (Micro and Nano), Additive Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Vision and Image processing, Digital Design, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Human Resource Development. Creating 'Industry Ready' engineers is the current area of focus of the Institute.

CMTI is an autonomous institution and administratively controlled by the Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India.

DIAT | Academic Partner | Atria University

Defence Institute of
Advanced Technology

A Department of Defence Research & Development (DRDO) University, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) is consistently ranked in Top 50s in National rankings. DIAT is committed to creating a center of Excellence for Education, Training, and research in contemporary and futuristic technologies through continual improvement and innovation in material as well as intellectual infrastructure.

DIAT is supported by 52 laboratories of DRDO, Defence PSUs, and Indian Armed Forces to conduct collaborative research work and to validate, assess various innovative technologies developed by its students and researchers.

SAEINDIA | Academic Partner | Atria University

Society of Automotive
Engineers India

Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA) is a leading resource for mobility technology bringing together leading global companies in the Mobility & Aerospace sector. Members include executive leaders from Boeing, GE, Honeywell, Mahindra, Maruti, Rolls Royce, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, TVS, and Volvo.

SAEINDIA is a trusted think-tank, advising Indian policymakers on mobility-related matters. The network is also the most preferred technical body for knowledge dissemination & skill development of mobility professionals, students, and faculty.

holosuit logo


Disrupting the wearable technology space, HoloSuit® has developed the next generation technology and training suit using Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR), AI, and ML. This invention is changing the way people learn and interact in the real & virtual world.

HoloSuit is the world's first affordable, bi-directional, wireless, and easy to use full-body motion capture suit. Building a bridge between the virtual and real world, the suit has full-immersion sensors and is feedback packed. This allows users to point, touch, and feel 3D objects to create a 4D immersive experience. The HoloSuit can be used to enhance user experiences or train more efficiently. And, is being used across industries like health, entertainment, defense, industrial operations, gaming, among others.

Education Partners

Atria University believes in a fair and transparent way of understanding every student's passions, interests and future goals. We are committed to aligning every aspiring Beyonder with an education path that works the best for them.

To achieve this goal, we work with a few trusted partners, in tandem with our own admissions process. These partners are educationalists and counsellors, who help students in curating their educational journey on the basis of qualitative aptitude and interest intersections.

We are constantly striving to communicate better and more effectively with you, through our ever growing list of trusted associates.

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