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With a major in Mobility, you will be able to provide viable alternatives for a greener, smarter future. As a country, we need to move away from internal combustion engines to ensure that the people of our country are not doomed to a smoky and polluted future.


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The internal combustion engine has reached the end of its utility in both intra- and inter-city mobility. Electric vehicle technology is now mature. It has equaled or surpassed fossil-fuelled mobility in terms of performance, range, and operating cost. New infrastructure systems in energy distribution, innovative automotive design, and manufacturing will be necessary to realize the benefits of these technologies.

While pursuing a major in Mobility, you will learn about electric propulsion, hybrid electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. You will also understand the societal and environmental impact of technological developments. And, the economic and financial implications of electric mobility. You will be exposed to courses from across disciplines - engineering, energy policy, environmental science, and business.

This will happen through conducting literature surveys, participating in design projects, conducting performance tests, hands-on inspection and testing of electric vehicles, and more. You’ll earn real-world experience while evaluating the viability of electric vehicle infrastructure. This will enable you to engineer, build, and research. While understanding various challenges and regulatory policies associated with infrastructure implementations.


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As part of the Mobility major, you will work on a number of real-world projects to learn and apply your learning.

  • Take apart an electric scooter and attempt to put it back together.
  • Road test an electric car.
  • Prepare a survey report on electric vehicles in the world.
  • Build an electric-assisted vegetable cart.
  • Build and program the guidance system of a simple autonomous vehicle.
  • Design a high-speed rotating device.
  • Work on a project on design and simulation of electric drive train of a car.
  • Work on a project on design and simulation of electric drive train of a heavy truck.
  • Create a detailed blueprint for installing EV charging infrastructure between two major Indian cities.
  • Attempt to sell electric cycles to college-going students.

Please Note: The Projects are tentative to change per emerging developments in the field.

“Imagine a kind of system where you have lightweight electric vehicles with relatively small battery capacity, and then picking up charge wherever they park. You never have to worry about filling up your car, never go to the gas station, never plug it in, never do any of these things.”

William J. Mitchell, Urban Designer, Architect, & Author


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Students pursuing BSc (Hons) or BTech can choose between these three specializations for their fourth year of study at Atria University.

  • Electric Vehicle Design
  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  • Electric Mobility Infrastructure

Please Note: BDes and BBA (PGD) students will specialize in areas of Design or Business Administration.


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With the Mobily major, you can graduate in any of our four degrees.

  • BSc for the scientist who wishes to study and research battery science and autonomous vehicles technology.
  • BDes for the designer of electric vehicles.
  • BTech for the engineer who will manufacture electric vehicles and subsystems.
  • BBA for the entrepreneur who will promote and operate electric vehicle infrastructure.


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While pursuing the major, you will master a range of modern technologies and skills in the Mobility space.

  • Basics of the vehicle design.
  • Materials science.
  • Analyzing the energy efficiency of automobiles and transport systems.
  • Application of fuel cells and battery technologies in transportation.
  • The structure of sustainable energy systems.
  • Economics and finance of sustainability.
  • Fundamentals of climate change.
  • The business process of renewable energy.
  • Autonomous vehicle technology.
  • Mobility and transportation infrastructure in cities.

A major in Mobility offers you a vast array of career pathways to create a sustainable impact in the automobile industry.

  • System design/development engineer.
  • System specialist.
  • System architect.
  • Subject matter experts.
  • Product development.
  • Technologist.
  • Principle engineer.
  • Product lead.
  • Transportation designer.
  • Mobility system designer.
  • Independent design consultant.
  • Transportation design consultant.
  • Researcher.
  • Market specialist.
  • Sales and strategist.


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Atria University’s unique approach to education ensures that you not only come to learn but explore your true passions. And, pursue them in an environment that encourages curiosity and questions the conventional.

Master your understanding of emerging technologies: A major in Mobility offers a unique combination of futuristic concepts in emerging technologies and automotive engineering. You will work on a multitude of processes, methods, and tools to overcome some of the key challenges faced by the industry today.

World-Class Education in Bangalore: Atria University is the first University in India to offer futuristic majors, with a learning approach benchmarked to international standards. With an interdisciplinary approach to technology and liberal sciences, you get to experience theory in action from day one of your undergraduate program.

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