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Interactive Technologies hold a unique key to the future. While studying this major, you will be able to leverage the best existing technologies in your own creative practice, while also leading and envisioning new technologies.

The Interactive Technologies program is a distinctive combination of the disciplines of Computer Science, Design Thinking & Research Methodologies, grounded in a foundation of ethics.

“The real power of interactive technologies is that they let us learn in ways that aren’t otherwise possible or practical.”

David Lassner, VP – Information Technology & CIO, University of Hawaii


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Students who take the Interactive Technologies major will specialize in the one of following fields in their fourth year:

  • Computer Science & Software Programming: You will learn the fundamentals of programming to adapt to any language quickly. The curriculum is designed to cover the modern basics of A/B testing, Machine Learning, and Agile Methodologies. You’ll learn how to work “Lean” to maximize learning in the shortest time possible. You will also code Machine Learning algorithms from scratch ensuring you are ready for the future Singularity.
  • User Interface & Creative Technologies: You will gain a strong understanding of social science domains including ethnography, to create societally relevant products. You will learn to develop processes with research tools and analytical abilities. You will be informed of the history and evolution of design, arts, and aesthetics. And, have the opportunity to learn design principles and adeptly use creator tools.
  • Hardware Design and Implementation: Leveraging the best of hardware and software development skills, you will become adept in architecting and developing software for IoT ready products and services.

Please Note: BDes and BBA (PGD) students will specialize in areas of Design or Business Administration.


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With the Interactive Technologies major, you can graduate in any of our four degrees.

  • BSc for the scientist who wishes to study and research in the bleeding edge of technology and society.
  • BDes for the designer who works at the intersection of human-centered iterative processes and computer science.
  • BTech for the engineer who builds products and services for tomorrow’s more-than-human world.
  • BBA for the entrepreneur who will own and run design studios, development companies, and think tanks of tomorrow.


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As part of the Interactive Technologies major, you will work on a range of projects.

  • Computer Science Fundamentals-Re-making Tetris: Recreate the classic game from scratch to learn the fundamentals of computer science, logic, events, and handling user input.
  • Tech Entrepreneurship-Learning from Failure: Trace the history of successful technology entrepreneurship built on previous failures.
  • Developing Analytical frameworks for User Acquisition & Conversion: Work with an outside organization to analyze their site, identify a website conversion goal, develop a hypothesis to improve it, make site changes, A/B test, and repeat. The modern manifestation of the Scientific Method.
  • Machine Learning & Predictive Human-centered Algorithms: Get a dataset of customers and then create and deploy a ML model to score incoming users.
  • Immersive Interactive Installation: Create a physical piece that reacts to a viewer’s face, voice, movements without a screen.
  • Augmented Reality Experience for Distant Learning : Build an experience to help remote learning environments using AR technology.
  • Embedded Storytelling in Geo-spatial Environments: Leverage AR and Mapping technologies to create compelling stories.
  • Time Traveling with Virtual Reality: What does the future workplace look like? What does the future hold? Design the environment and invite your users into it.
  • Engineer AI & IoT solutions for the Future Home: Motion sensors, Depth sensors, Audio detectors & recognition technologies trigger intelligent responses from the home environment keeping in mind individual preferences and learning to predict its humans’ behaviours.
  • Famous Portfolio Development and Design: Build your own portfolio website and optimize it for maximum traffic and conversion.

Please Note: The projects are tentative to change per emerging developments in the field.


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While pursuing Interactive Technologies, you will master a range of modern technologies and skills.

  • Build Normative Technologies
  • Cognitive & Analytical Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Communication Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Modern Fundamentals of A/B testing
  • Machine Learning
  • Study of Axiology
  • Community based participatory research – with tools like Ethnography
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality Development
  • IoT Ready Product Development
  • Animation and Visual Effects Techniques
  • User Interface and Experience Design
  • Programming languages based on projects chosen

A major in Interactive Technologies offers you a range of career pathways in the emerging workplace.

  • User Researcher
  • User Experience Designer
  • Product Developer
  • Business Analytics Developer
  • Business Program Manager
  • Technical Architect
  • Creative/Art Technologist
  • Data Scientist
  • Technology Specialist
  • Engineer Design & Development
  • R&D Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Game Designer
  • UI/UX Developer


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By pursuing the Interactive Technologies major, you will develop and master a range of unique technological skill sets.

  • Lead the technological future: Interactive technologies will hold immense power in the future. At Atria University, you will master future technologies to benefit the business and economy. More importantly, you will learn to prudently imbibe the ethical aspects of leveraging technology. Positioning you as a transformative leader.
  • World-Class Education in Bangalore: Atria University is the first University in India to offer futuristic majors, with a learning approach benchmarked to international standards. With an interdisciplinary approach to technology and liberal sciences, you get to experience theory in action from day one of your undergraduate program.

We are only beginning to fully appreciate the power of interactive technologies. The learnings from this major became relevant and crucial because we are at a pivotal moment in the course of humanity. The future will inevitably be driven by technologies. We need to be fully aware of the incredible benefits, amazing possibilities, and ethical pitfalls that interactive technologies present.

Global leaders must make prudent technological choices. More so, every individual, especially future leaders like yourself, is today called upon to exercise independent thought. For your actions have a domino effect, contagious and potent in ways that we are only now starting to understand.

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