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XR: Blending the Real & Virtual Worlds

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Robotics Workshop | Apr 13-14, 2020

We hosted a two-day online workshop on April 13 & 14th, 2020 with Harshavardhana Kikkeri, the inventor of HoloSuit®. Harsha has worked with Microsoft Robotics and enjoys 44 patents to his name. His robots have been tested by Prime Minister Modi, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, and Former US President, Barack Obama.

During the workshop, participating high-school students learned about Extended Reality (XR). Specifically, how XR allows the human body to experience and control real and virtual projects. Students also came up with their own robot ideas for various scenarios.

About HoloSuit
This is the world’s first affordable, bi-directional, wireless and easy to use full body motion capture suit. HoloSuit virtualizes the human body motion and can be used to skill humans and robots using advanced Artificial Intelligence.

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