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Unlock The Mysteries Of Biological Sciences

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Our webinar on Exploring Sustainable Life Sciences (SLS) with Atria University’s academic team on July 16, 2020, raised many thought-provoking questions. While also allowing students to get an idea of what classes at Atria University would look like.

The webinar gave the attendees a new perspective on SLS and showed the integration of biology and life sciences. The panelists shared their individual experiences and stories to help understand microbial cultures. And, to show the interdisciplinarity between our personal lives and biological communities. One of the most interesting connections were made between microbial culture and sourdough bread, children, and stomach bacteria.  This was then followed by a Q&A session between students and panelists. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Experts have more questions than answers
  • As an ecologist, or in any other profession, think about problems from the individual, community, and whole ecosystem scale
  • Replicants are everywhere. Human beings are replicants 
  • Bacteria are not always harmful. Our body requires a certain amount of bacteria to function
  • Ethics, technology, and science all go hand-in-hand


Siddharth Bharat

Siddharth is an ecologist, facilitator and educator. Currently, Siddharth is an academic consultant at Atria University and is a member of the SLS academic team. He believes that education is a practice of freedom. 

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty

Dr. Santanu Chakraborty is a biologist and the program director of the SLS department at Atria University. He is passionate about the relationship between science and art. Besides his profession, Dr. Chakraborty is also an amazing photographer. 

Janani Eswar

Janani is an academic consultant at Atria University and is also a social entrepreneur. And, the co-founder of GRIN, an organization that focuses on interacting with nature and helping the new generation to protect it. 

Saurabh Mahajan

Saurabh, an assistant professor in the Atria University academic team, has combined research in microbiology, bioinformatics, and computational biology. 

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