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Selection for qualities and not marks

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We believe that there is a lot more to you, than your mark sheet.

At Atria University, we question every prevalent ‘truth’ in higher education in India. So, our selection process does away with your scores and just focuses on your qualities. A unique experiential selection process that identifies the best qualities in you. To share more on our process, we hosted a webinar May 26, 2020.

In this webinars, students learned about:

  • The ideal student for Atria University
  • Making a compelling application for the undergraduate program
  • How we identify the nine qualities that we value in your unique profile
  • Availing merit-based scholarship and need-based financial aid

9 Qualities Vs Performance in Board Exams

We believe that careers of the future are for those who have the following qualities:

Passion Self-Awareness General-Awareness
Rigor Curiosity Communications
Teamwork Learning Ability Personal & Social Context

Our three-step selection process:

  • Online, dynamic application form that assesses your unique interests and passion
  • An online collaborative workshop where you work on an interesting problem, followed by an online, in-person interaction where we get to know you better
  • Admissions decision

If you are someone who is willing to charter a new kind of academic journey and professional career, you will surely enjoy this interaction.

We believe you can’t judge a book by its cover. And, our admissions process doesn’t. 

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