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Fatigue Failures in Engineering

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Our webinar on Fatigue Failures in Engineering with Dr. Nagaraj K Arakere was an informative and thought-provoking session that threw light on how fatigue failures have fuelled technological advancements and impeccable innovation.

The webinar helped students understand why engineering marvels such as the cars we drive, the laptops we use, and the phones we spend so much time on, break down. Fatigue failure happens when machines are worn out from constant use and start falling apart. Consecutively, failure and fatigue in engineering have often led to some of the greatest technological feats.

Dr. Arakere engaged students with real-life examples of how it is so crucial to analyze fatigue failures in engineering to improve the technology. Ever wondered why Toyota or Mercedes cars last so long? Why do Mac computers have a better battery life? What causes airplane crashes and how we can prevent them? These are examples of fatigue failures and how businesses have learned from them through historical evidence. The reason some companies see unprecedented success and create long-lasting products is because they understand the idea of fatigue failure and work on improving their processes and technologies to overcome them.

Additional Webinar Highlights

  • Steps in examining fatigue failures
  • Studying drivers in fatigue cycles
  • Historical evidence of fatigues
  • The critical impact of machines on the environment
  • Innovation spurred by disasters in aviation

Dr. Nagaraj Arakere
Dr. Arakere is a professor of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida. He is also a member of the academic council at Atria University. Dr. Arakere’s research at the University of Florida is centered around the mechanics of damage of structural materials subjected to monotonic and fatigue loading that requires working in areas that are at the intersection of mechanics of materials and materials science.

During the webinar, Dr. Arakere highlighted how the concept of project-based learning and futuristic majors offered at Atria University will help students stay abreast of emerging technologies while developing an innovative mindset to develop sustainable solutions to everyday challenges.

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