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The Making of an Entrepreneur

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Our first Speaker Series with Sameer Brij Verma on The Making of an Entrepreneur provided unique insights into the Venture Capital (VC) world and what factors influence the mind of a successful venture capitalist.

Venture Capitalists are pure risk investors and do not have collaterals like banks to support them. They are looking for people who can build a team of passionate, motivated, edgy, and optimistic people. A team that not only ideates but has the potential to lead those ideas into fruition.

Sameer spoke to students about the traits of a successful entrepreneur. What he looks for before investing in a founder or his company, and how to disrupt markets as nascent entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways
  • The need for entrepreneurship to be taught to students
  • Learning how to solve problems with the available resources
  • Character and experiences trump pedigree
  • The importance of domain skills but also the need to be a multidisciplinary person
  • The need to have an end goal and continue educating yourself to achieve that goal
  • Being comfortable with taking risks and failing
Sameer Brij Verma

Sameer Brij Verma is a Venture Capitalist, and MD of Nexus Venture Partners. He is also an advisor to AngelList India & Microsoft Ventures India and has been one of the founding investors for established start-ups such as Postman, PayTM, Zolo, Zomato, Liscious, and more. Sameer has been a VC for the last 12 years and has invested in about 38 companies over the years.

Books recommended by Sameer:
  • Zero to One- Blake Masters and Peter Thiel
  • Influence: Science and Practice- Robert Cialdini
  • Benjamin Franklin Autobiography
  • Books by Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett
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