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The Future of Interactive Technologies

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The power of interactive technologies is only just beginning to be fully appreciated. Ever since Apple introduced the iPhone, multi-touch technology has become mainstream and users now know that they can not only point and tap on the interface, but also pinch, spread, and swipe.

The iPhone has built on decades of experience in creating the most innovative and intuitive user interfaces in the world. From using technology that can comprehend gestures to orient the screen on your phone appropriately to unlocking them by activating the front-facing camera. The possibilities in innovation are endless.

Join us for our Speaker Series on The Future of Interactive Technologies with Dr. Prashanth Ramachandran, a faculty of Mathematics and Mobility at Atria University on June 08, 2020, 6:00-7:00 PM.

In his role as a Principal Investigator Research Projects at Apple Inc., he’s made significant contributions to the making of disruptive products such as the iPhone.

Dr. Ramachandran is also a Visiting Professor of Practice at Louisiana State University. And, an academic team member at Atria University.

At our Speaker Series, Dr. Ramachandran will take you through all the nuances of interactive technology and how the iPhone, in particular, has dramatically changed the way we think about interaction. You also get to ask questions and find out about what goes into building world-class user interfaces for disruptive products such as the iPhone.

Fun Fact. Did you know that the chances of someone unlocking your iPhone other than you
with a Touch ID are one in 50,000? However, with Apple Face ID, chances of a possible security breach are one in 1,000,000!

We invite you to discover the good ‘gestures’ that go behind a top-notch user interface.

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