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Principals’ Conclave

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We hosted India’s first-of-a-kind Principals’ Conclave centered on transitioning students from school to higher education on December 21, 2019, in Bangalore. Principals from leading schools came together to script a Student Centric Higher Education model.

The event was attended by over 35 Principals from across India and Education leaders from across the world. Educationists championing innovation in K-12 education identified key areas to curate effective pedagogy for Higher education at the Conclave.

The Concept
Atria University is ushering in a completely new approach to the design and delivery of higher education. A critical aspect of developing and executing our approach is the realization that we must step back in order to move forward. We must learn and inspect the roots of each of our students’ previous education in order to nurture their prior knowledge base as we guide them through their higher education. Central to our goal of advancing our students’ strengths is understanding how and what secondary education has impressed upon them and using this knowledge to help our students realize their potential.

We, therefore, recognize the importance of forging links with leaders who have redefined K-12 education through innovative methods. At Atria University, we are intent on closing the growing chasm between what students learn and experience throughout their secondary education, and what they need to be prepared to face when they enter university.

The Principal’s Conclave was in keeping with our need to build a bridge between school and higher education. We gathered insights that will enable us to be student-centric in our design and to prepare ourselves better to meet the expectations of the students and reduce the challenges that they face in college because of their psychological, socio-economic, and academic circumstances.


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