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Digital Transformation is no longer a choice. It is a necessity for all organizations. Our major shall equip and enable you to don the mantle of change agents and explore the various dimensions of digitization. By deep-diving into various aspects of digital transformation, you will be a visionary who shall architect innovative futures in a wide gamut of verticals.


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Digital Transformation provides the opportunity for core business functions to fundamentally change the way work is done. In this post pandemic era, this is the only way organizations can grow and remain competitive over time.

A digital revolution is currently underway. Technology permeates every aspect of our society right from agriculture, healthcare to education and e-commerce. Financial systems are picking pace and fuelling digitization. Connectivity remains the crux and encompasses communication systems, sensors, wearables, and smart devices. Blurring the boundary and bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Professionals who understand the implications of big data, and more importantly how to leverage it, can help their companies connect to customers and stakeholders with efficiency and precision, creating new opportunities and staying ahead of competition. Digital platforms offer fundamental improvements to traditional business models, can transform entire industries, and are key drivers of growth. Web-based enterprises that leverage digital infrastructure can enter markets quickly and move with agility in the new digital economy.

This major takes you through the fundamentals of digital technologies that are transforming our world today. While pursuing the Digital Transformation major, you will be able to understand the implications of the technologies and the end user outcomes of putting them in action. You will take ideas all the way through implementation to impact the local and global ecosystems.

The Digital Transformation major is a distinctive combination of Computer Science, and Communication Technologies based strongly on Design Thinking & User Research Frameworks. The learnings from this major will be relevant and crucial at a pivotal moment in the course of technological advancement. The future will inevitably be driven by digital technologies. Only now is the world starting to understand the domino effect - contagious and powerful - of technology adoption in different sectors. At this pivotal moment, you need to be fully aware of the benefits, possibilities, and the extensive impact of the digital transformations.


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As part of the Digital Transformation major, you will work on a range of projects.

  • Study the existing digital connectivity blueprint of the campus.
  • Evaluate the scope of different wireless technologies in a campus.
  • Develop a remote system to track and monitor water consumption.
  • Deploy a mini e-library with indexes digitized and translated in 5 different languages.
  • Build a notes-sharing platform on the cloud with relevant access controls.
  • Engineer a home security system using mobile phones.
  • Design a vehicle monitoring system that measures various parameters and sends bot based
    reminders to users.

Please Note: The projects are tentative to change per emerging developments in the field.

“Digital transformation is a fundamental reality for businesses today.”

– Warren Buffett, Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway


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Students who take the Digital Transformation major will specialize in the one of following fields in their fourth year:

  • Computer Science & Software Programming
    You will learn the fundamentals of programming to adapt to any language quickly. The curriculum is designed to cover the modern basics of A/B testing, Machine Learning, and Agile Methodologies. You’ll learn how to work “Lean” to maximize learning in the shortest time possible. You will also code Machine Learning algorithms from scratch ensuring you are ready for the future Singularity.
  • Digital Technologies
    You will learn to design and develop automated processes powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies. The curriculum intends to encourage user behaviour observation and engineer systems that combine the power of collaboration to deliver user friendly platforms.
  • Hardware Design and Implementation
    Leveraging the best of hardware and software development skills, you will become adept in architecting and developing software for IoT ready products and services.

Please Note: BDes and BBA (PGD) students will specialize in areas of Design or Business Administration.


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With the Digital Transformation major, you can graduate in any of our four degrees.

  • BSc for the scientist who wishes to study and research in the bleeding edge of technology and society
  • BDes for the designer who works at the intersection of digital based innovation and resource intensive manual processes.
  • BTech for the engineer who builds products and services for tomorrow’s cloudified world.
  • BBA for entrepreneur who will own and run tech startups to amplify digitization and simplify automation.


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While pursuing Digital Transformation, you will master a range of modern skills and technologies in the digital space:

  • Identify Need for Digitization
  • Product Development Fundamentals
  • Logical reasoning and Problem solving
  • Programming Languages
  • Algorithms
  • Cyber Security
  • Computer Architecture
  • Cloud Technologies
  • Communication and Networking
  • IoT and Sensors
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

A major in Digital Transformation offers you a range of career pathways in the smart cities and emerging workspaces of the future:

  • Technical Architect
  • R&D Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Product Developer
  • User Experience Designer
  • User Experience Developer
  • Solution Architect
  • Technical Marketing Engineer
  • Pre-Sales Engineer
  • Deployment Specialist
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Technical Program Manager


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Atria University’s unique approach to education ensures that you not only come to learn but explore your true passions. And, pursue them in an environment that encourages curiosity and questions the conventional.

  • Immersive learning through projects: Education is rewarding when you’re able to bridge your understanding with its application. This is why our curriculum structure is designed for you to deep-dive into 30 industry-driven projects across 4 years. Allowing you to not just learn but also gain real-world experience while making a tangible impact in the world.
  • Master emerging technologies: A major in Digital Transformation offers a unique combination of futuristic concepts in emerging digital technologies. You will work on a multitude of processes, methods, and tools to overcome some of the key challenges faced by organizations in digitizing processes.
  • World-Class Education in Bangalore: Atria University is the first University in India to offer futuristic majors, with a learning approach benchmarked to international standards. With an interdisciplinary approach to technology and liberal sciences, you get to experience theory in action from day one of your undergraduate program.
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