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Vision: To create leaders equipped to lead from the front in today and tomorrow's digital world
Mission: To provide learners with a holistic exposure to strategies, frameworks, tools, technologies and best practices in the areas of software and hardware, data science, information technology management and marketing (e-commerce/social/app based).

Atria University's (AU) Digital Transformation(DT) major is designed to create leaders for today and tomorrow's digital world. The DT major is aimed at leadership in navigating a world that is being disrupted by the dynamic and fast paced evolution of the technological order. The major, through its unique pedagogy focused on outcome based learning, aims to provide learners with a holistic exposure to strategies, frameworks, tools, technologies and best practices in the areas of software and hardware, data science, information technology management and marketing (e-commerce/social/app based). The DT major provides students with the opportunity to get hands on exposure in frontier technologies (VR/AR/AI/ML/ Big Data/ Cloud/iOT/Blockchain/RPA) and a deep understanding of business processes for digitalization and eventual transformation.

“Digital transformation is a fundamental reality for businesses today.”

Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway


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Students who take the Digital Transformation major will specialize in one of the following fields in their fourth year:

  • Digital Strategies, Products, Services and & Operations: This specialization is focused on digital business models and strategies, digitalization of core business processes or enterprise systems, digital products and services and drives a deep understanding of data analytics and technologies that support digitalization
  • Digital Technologies & Data Analytics: This major is designed to provide an exhaustive understanding and hands on skills (VR/AR/AI/ML/ Big Data/ Cloud/iOT/Blockchain/RPA) in the frontier technologies and data analytics
  • Connected Systems: This major provides an overview of hardware linked technologies such as embedded systems,operating systems, networking and wireless systems, clouds, sensors, M2M communication, iOT, RPA, Security

Please Note: BDes and BBA (PGD) students will specialize in areas of Design or Business Administration.


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With the Digital Transformation major, you can graduate in any of our four degrees.

  • BSc for the scientist who wishes to study and research in the bleeding edge of technology and society.
  • BDes for the designer who works at the intersection of digital based innovation and resource intensive manual processes.
  • BTech for the engineer who builds products and services for tomorrow’s cloudified world.
  • BBA for the entrepreneur who will own and run tech startups to amplify digitization and simplify automation.


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As part of the Digital Transformation major, you will work on a range of projects.

  • Design and develop an app aimed at Citizens/Governing Institutions/Value Chain Providers etc. that has a favorable impact on India’s journey towards UN SDG Goals
  • Develop a blueprint for using blockchain to impact realty/energy/minerals/agriculture sectors
  • Develop a mHealth solution embedding two or more frontier technologies
  • Use big data to identify and develop potent strategies for managing climate change
  • Ideate, design and develop a Smart Campus solution addressing any inefficiency/gaps at AU
  • Establish 100% wifi coverage in a digitally disadvantaged urban area or village
  • Design, develop and establish a digital footprint for a non-digital business
  • Deploy computer vision technology to solve for India’s security and defence related challenges
  • Establish a databank of all IP rights granted for Frontier Technologies across the globe (India, USA, China, EU etc.) and undertake analysis thereof
  • Establish an AI led employee engagement solution aimed at engendering welfare, productivity and loyalty amongst employees

Please Note: The projects are tentative to change per emerging developments in the field.


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While pursuing the Digital Transformation major, you will master a range of modern skills and technologies in the digital space:

AU’s DT curriculum is focused on ensuring that learners acquire skills centered on:

  • Digital business models
  • Developer technologies and platforms
  • Digitalisation of key processes
  • Socio-Economic Impact, Ethics and Legality of frontier digital technologies
  • Security and privacy for digital ecosystems
  • Customer journey, engagement and customer centricity in the digital world
  • Digital operations
  • Big data management & analytics
  • Connected systems

A major in Digital Transformation offers you a range of career pathways in the smart cities and emerging workspaces of the future:

Digital Transformation major offers exciting opportunities and roles across a variety of pathways:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Policy Making
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Privacy and Security/ Cyber Security
  • Product Management
  • Customer Experience Management (UI/UX Designer, Developer, Engineer)
  • Robotics and Automation


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Atria University’s unique approach to education ensures that you not only come to learn but explore your true passions.

  • Immersive learning through projects: Education is rewarding when you’re able to bridge your understanding with its application. This is why our curriculum structure is designed for you to deep-dive into 30 industry-driven projects across 4 years. Allowing you to not just learn but also gain real-world experience while making a tangible impact in the world.
  • Master emerging technologies: A major in Digital Transformation offers a unique combination of futuristic concepts in emerging digital technologies. You will work on a multitude of processes, methods, and tools to overcome some of the key challenges faced by organizations in digitizing processes.
  • World-Class Education in Bangalore: Atria University is the first University in India to offer futuristic majors, with a learning approach benchmarked to international standards. With an interdisciplinary approach to technology and liberal sciences, you get to experience theory in action from day one of your undergraduate program.

The learnings from this major will be relevant and crucial at a pivotal moment in the course of technological advancement. The future will inevitably be driven by digital technologies. Only now is the world starting to understand the domino effect – contagious and powerful – of technology adoption in different sectors. At this pivotal moment, you need to be fully aware of the benefits, possibilities, and the extensive impact of the digital transformations.

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