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The Atria University campus is located in the heart of India’s startup capital, Bangalore. Right at the center of innovation and collaboration. We are surrounded by prominent science institutions and organizations like NCBS, IISc, GKVK, ATREE, NCF, BioCON, InStem, Bayer, and CCamp.

Our location inspires and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and disruptive research. Providing our students with a unique educational environment and access to the best mentors and research in India.

Our campus, a mere 30 minutes drive from the Bangalore airport, is located inside the Atria City Of Learning, Hebbal, Bangalore. The City is also home to the Atria Business Incubation Center (ABiC), Atria Institute of Technology (AIT), and National School of Journalism and Public Discourse.


Garden City. Silicon Valley of India. Startup-Hub. Co-working Capital.

Many names. One unique quality. Bangalore, is constantly evolving. Keeping up with transforming trends, and adapting to changing business needs. The city has grown exponentially over the years. And offers a vibrant culture and dynamic learning environment for students across India.

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