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Blog /Academic Pathway – Atria University
Academic Pathway - Atria University

Academic Pathway – Atria University

Atria University is changing the landscape of higher education in India with a customized academic pathway that is holistic, engaging, and experiential. The University offers an interdisciplinary education in liberal sciences that empowers students to craft a career roadmap driven by their interests and ambition.

Let’s walk through the students’ academic pathway at Atria University.

Months 1 to 12 – The foundation year where students explore

The first 12 months at Atria University empower students with interdisciplinary knowledge through the same (12) foundation courses. These holistic foundation year courses are mandatory for all students. Students discover their interests through 5 domain-specific projects. Alongside this, they engage in year-round workshops, lectures, and field trips.

The industry-relevant projects in this phase focus on the following:

  • Identify, analyze, and decide on ethical problems that are major-specific
  • Problem statements related to majors
  • Problem-solving and design thinking
  • Writing and critical thinking
  • Self-awareness and teamwork

Below is a sneak peek of the overall journey in the foundational year:

Months 13 to 21 – When discovery begins

Once students have a strong foundation in various disciplines, they begin the discovery process from the 13th month onwards. Students pick up to 5 projects in any combination from 20 projects comprising the majors as well as the electives. Each of the projects available covers aspects of Business, Design, Application, and Research. In the 18th month, students choose a major and degree combination to pursue further. Students are given time to explore the combinations and move between courses so that they make the right choice. The remaining 3 months in this phase, students intern in the chosen major.

Months 22 to 36 – Embarking on the experiential journey

Full-fledged experience-based learning is introduced in this phase. Students work towards mastering the major and degree they selected in the previous phase through a broad spectrum of concepts. They work on 15 industry-driven projects to gain extensive experience in different areas.

Months 37-48 – Diving into the depths

The final months at Atria University are extensive and rigorous. Students dive deep into specialized areas in their respective majors through advanced projects, courses, and concepts. They work on 10 industry-driven projects during this time.

Overall, they engage in 9 months of internship across 4 years.

From day 1, students at Atria University choose what they learn and how they explore the world. They have fun exploring, discovering, experiencing, and diving deep into their subjects of interest. And, when they emerge as graduates, they are already armed with industry-level experience and are ready to take on the challenges of the real world.

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