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The idea(l) of a University has always been a sacred one. Fostering invention, discovery, and elevating the idea of humanity.

How do we ensure universities continue to be “Centers of Imagination” and stay at the forefront of solving humanity’s greatest challenges?


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At Atria University, we are attempting to address the challenges of tomorrow by preparing students for careers and challenges that don't yet exist! We aim to stitch together disparate learnings into a single holistic process. Distilled to its core, the underlying theme is “Learning to Learn.”

For us, Beyonding is not just a belief. It is a call to action. Beyonding is pushing the frontiers of what we know and what’s possible. Beyonding means, radically imagining a better future; breaking new ground, and to go where (mostly) no one has gone before. So that we can be a force for the greater good. And, at Atria University, we will enable and empower Beyonders who can help businesses and society flourish and thrive.

The Four Pillars

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Beyonding is a vision that stands sturdy on four pillars. Atria University graduates, Beyonders, will radiate each of these in thought, action, and beliefs.

Frontier Thinking
An unending spirit of discovery and inquiry that seeks to go where no one has before; with a great ambition for creating large-scale impact.

Contagious Optimism
Curious and versatile disposition towards imagining and shaping a better future.

Doing What’s Right
Ethical thoughts and actions, with an inclusive and empathetic character

A restless, rock-solid attitude inspired to be accountable

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