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Our undergraduate admissions and selection process is carefully crafted to enable students to realise their potential for greatness. It is designed to ensure that students from diverse backgrounds, interests, and passions find their distinct place at Atria University. We take pride in being an open, inclusive, and nurturing community. Committed to helping change-makers of tomorrow break new grounds, we aim to ignite their spirit of inquiry.

We recognize and appreciate that you are more than your mark sheet. That’s why admissions to Atria University are not contingent upon cut-offs, pre-requisites, or standardized test scores. Instead, the admissions process is designed to understand your whole profile and the context in which you have thrived in all these years. Passion, rigor, ability to learn, curiosity, teamwork, communication, general awareness, and perseverance are qualities we seek in our students.


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We are not looking for class toppers. We are looking for Beyonders. Frontier-thinkers who are interested in the world, who want to learn, and who enjoy the idea of making a positive impact. Instead of depth of knowledge, we are looking for curiosity and willingness to apply rigor to their pursuits. Instead of academic awards, we are looking to find collaborators. Our admissions process seeks relentless future leaders who are fiercely ambitious about building a better world.


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Our process is designed to engage you on multiple levels, giving you the opportunity to share your passions, motivations, and ambition in life. We’re eager to learn more about how you wish to create impact at scale. How do you imagine a radically better future? Do you desire to drive the force for the greater good?


Your application form is you canvas to share your life story. What makes you – You? How you tackle challenges? How you’ve boldly shattered barriers? We want to know about your accomplishments and world views.


The day has been uniquely designed to get to know you through online/offline interactive and collaborative activities. You will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself and get to showcase your unique talents while collaborating on solving a real-world problem. During SEID, you also interact 1:1 with various members of the academic and leadership team. This is also an opportunity for us to share Atria University’s progressive approach to learning with you. And showcase our commitment towards helping you be at the forefront of tomorrow’s challenges.


This phase includes a cumulative evaluation of your performance on the online application and at the SEID. The final decision, either positive, negative, or deferred, is then communicated to you


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Refundable Security Deposit* INR 50,000 One-Time | Refundable | Paid at the time of admission
Admission Fee INR 25,000 One-Time | Paid at the time of admission
Tuition Fee INR 700,000 per annum Thrice-Annually | Paid in three installments over the year: dates mentioned below
Residential Fee

  • Optional
  • Includes: Student accommodation and meals
INR 180,000 per annum Thrice-Annually | Paid in three installments over the year: dates mentioned below

* The security deposit is refundable in case the student wants to withdraw from the program. Or, at the time of graduation, after recoveries for any damages or dues, to be made from the student. 

Please click here for the Refund Policy.

2021 Fee payment breakup & timeline

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Fee Type Base Fee Amount (INR) Deadline
Admission fee + Refundable Security Deposit 25,000 + 50,000 As per Offer letter
Tuition fee (Installment 1) 1,50,000 By June 30, 2021
Tuition fee (Installment 2) 2,00,000 By September 18, 2021
Tuition fee (Installment 3) 3,50,000 By December 31, 2021
Boarding and Lodging (Installment 1) 45,000 By August 31, 2021
Boarding and Lodging (Installment 2) 45,000 By September 30, 2021
Boarding and Lodging (Installment 3) 90,000 By January 31, 2022


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Atria University’s undergraduate admissions process is a needs-blind one wherein information regarding the financial background of applicants is only applied after the student receives an offer of admission. This ensures no selected candidate is denied admission based on their financial situation. And our search for tenacious change-makers remains uninterrupted.

Need-Based Aid

Annual family income is the deciding factor for need-based aid. Students applying for need-based aid (after receiving their admissions decision) are required to submit their financial documents. List of acceptable documents would be shared after admission acceptance.

Excellence Based Aid

Students with exceptional talent and/or achievements will automatically qualify for excellence-based aid. A waiver on tuition fees may vary between 25% to 100%.

Income < 3 lacs 100% waiver on tuition+hostel+laptops+books
3 lacs > Income < 5 Lacs 100% waiver on tuition+hostel
5 lacs > Income < 10 Lacs 100% waiver on tuition
10 lacs > Income < 15 Lacs 75% – 100% waiver on tuition
15 lacs > Income < 20 Lacs 50% – 75% waiver on tuition
20 lacs > Income < 25 Lacs 25% – 50% waiver on tuition
25 lacs > Income 0% – 25% waiver on tuition

*Income appraisal includes financial means, value of assets, etc.

* All aid related decisions will be final and at the discretion of the Institution

Please Note

  • Applicants seeking financial aid can apply only after receiving an offer of admission to Atria University
  • Office of Financial Aid will review the applicant’s financial situation periodically to ensure that we extend the best possible financial assistance as required. In the process, the applicant will have to submit the latest financial documents as requested at the time
  • All aid decisions will be communicated within 7 to 10 working days after receiving all required supporting documents and information 
  • Office of Financial Aid may request for additional documents, as required, during the processing of the application
  • The fee payment structure and timelines for financial aid students remain the same
  • The aid amount would be deducted from the total fees payable and the same will be communicated to the student
  • Atria University reserves the right to make changes to the process, percentage, eligibility, etc pertaining to awarding financial aid  as required and at its discretion

For any queries regarding fees and financial aid, please write to


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At Atria University, you can pursue your dreams without worrying about how to finance your higher education. In partnership with GradRight, India’s first student loan bidding platform, we offer you access to loan options that are best suited to your needs. 

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Admission offered to you, along with information about GradRight
Step 2: You receive a free advisory call from the GradRight team to discuss financial assistance, as needed
Step 3: GradRight researches, assesses and shares the best loan options for your unique needs
Step 4: Select the option that works for you
Step 5: Pay a success fee (service charge – 1% of loan sanctioned capping at INR 10,000) directly to GradRight

The GradRight team takes care of the majority of your paperwork involved with the loan application. And, ensures that the funds are available to you per the timelines. For more information, please write to


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2021 Academic Session Date: Oct 18, 2021, tentative; Subject to Ministry of Higher Education Directives

Admissions Open for 2021 batch

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