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We want our graduates to leave with supreme confidence that they have learned how to learn. They have recognized who they are and what they want to do in life. They are ethical contributors to future society as collaborators, leaders, and problem solvers.

At Atria University, you learn by doing. Therefore, by the end of your education here, you are equipped with a portfolio of projects you have been involved in and will have gained knowledge in the context of the real world. As an Atria University graduate, you will know what it means to need rigorous knowledge that can stand up to the test of real-world application, and not just a written exam. You will have the ability to be entrepreneurs.


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Pursue Your Passion And Define Your Academic Path

A learning experience that puts you at the center. Learn from the best Indian and international faculty, gain work experience through industry-driven projects, and access professional opportunities that work for you. A project-based approach to learning ensures you work on real-world complex problems throughout your 4 year academic journey. This ensures you learn contextually and gain practical experience.

Flexible Learning Pathways

Discover your interest, pursue your passion, and define your path. We encourage you to progress organically in your academic journey by exploring your interests, discovering your aptitudes, and weaving your degree and specialization in a way that works best for you.

Interdisciplinary Learning | Atria University

Interdisciplinary Majors

Our five unique Majors address the future possibilities and challenges of our world. So that you can focus on creating solutions. Digital Transformation | Energy Sciences | Interactive Technologies | Mobility | Sustainable Life Sciences.

Project-Based Appraisals | Atria University

Project & Peer-to-Peer Appraisal

Refining the ability to analyze, problem-solve, collaborate, and execute. A 360-degree approach to appraisals that’s project-based and reviewed by your faculty, industry mentors, and peers.

Sprint Style Learning | Atria University

Sprint Style Learning

We’ve re-engineered your learning experience. 1-3-week immersive workshops which mimic the pace of the working world. You learn 1 concept at a time, in 1-3 week sprints. You then apply each concept to a real-world project.

Real-World Experience

An industry-integrated UniverCity where learning extends to the world outside. Located in the heart of Bengaluru, you will have access to industry expertise and state-of-the-art learning labs to ensure that your learning experience is grounded in reality.

Recruiting For Qualities | Atria University

Recruiting for Qualities

Admission to Atria University is not contingent upon cut-offs. Instead, it is designed to understand your whole profile and focus on qualities. Passion, rigor, ability to learn, curiosity, teamwork, communication, self-awareness, and general awareness.


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A learning experience that is created by you based on your interests and passions. We encourage you to explore, discover, experiment, and deep-dive to graduate in your chosen major-degree combination.

Academic Pathway
Academic Pathway


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The foundation year at Atria University is focused on building an understanding of self, identify your interests, and understand your strengths. All students study the same concepts/courses which empower them with the foundational knowledge to build on for the years ahead.


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Specialize in a futuristic major and gear up for the emerging workplace.

Interactive Technologies | Major | Atria University

Interactive Technologies

Work with technologies to enhance user experiences. Students will be skilled in implementing solutions using AR, VR, Animation, VFX, UI, among others.

Sustainable Life Sciences | Major | Atria University

Life Sciences

Work on creating sustainable solutions to improve human health. Students will be skilled in Biotechnology, Biomedical Instrumentation, Data Sciences and Gene Alteration, Bioremediation, & Industrial Biotechnology.

Mobility | Major | Atria University


Help improve modes of transportation through electric-powered solutions that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Students will be skilled in various fields like Electric Vehicles, Automotive Battery Management Systems, Avionics, and the like.

Energy Sciences | Majors | Atria University

Energy Sciences

Use renewable energy to address the energy needs of our world. Students will be skilled in Energy Storage, Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Wind Turbine, Nuclear, and Wave Energy solutions.

Digital Transformation | Majors | Atria University

Digital Transformation

Students will transform businesses by simplifying processes or harnessing digital manufacturing technologies through skills like AI, Data Sciences, IoT, Robotics, among others.

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