Discover, Charter, Choose

When it comes to education, one size does not fit all. Choosing a degree before you have sampled it has always seemed crazy to us. You will explore a range of subjects in Year 1 and figure out what is your passion while imbibing deep foundational knowledge. We will help you to make a choice of your major before you enter Year 2.

We believe that when passion meets purpose, it becomes an unstoppable force. That way, you can go full steam ahead on your chosen path and the time that you spend with us elevates you to your higher goal.

Want to pursue a Bachelor’s of Business Administration? Bachelor’s of Science? Bachelor’s of Design? Or Bachelor’s of Technology? You have the flexibility to explore courses outside of your chosen field and combine those credits to put towards a degree in any of our majors.

Interdisciplinary Majors

The future is not compartmentalized, so why should our education? Our five unique majors are designed with interdisciplinary discovery and experiential learning at their core. A foundation of science and technology, with a blend of humanities, arts and social sciences, you will learn to connect the dots across disciplines and develop skills which are truly versatile. We have developed majors which address the future possibilities and challenges of our world. So that we can focus on creating solutions together.

Sprint-style Learning

On your marks. Get set. SPRINT! The real working world does not have a two-semester system. So, neither do we. We’ve re-engineered the learning experience into 3-week immersive ‘sprint’ workshops. You will learn theory and then roll-up your sleeves to get hands-on, practical knowledge by solving real-world problems. All while taking one course at a time so you can fully immerse and imbibe.

Project and Peer-to-Peer Appraisals

The age of rote learning and regurgitating content for exams has passed. We thankfully have a tool for that and it’s called Google. All your appraisals will be project-based and reviewed by expert faculty and peers. You will learn critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and teamwork skills in the (collective) process!

A UniverCity

We are breaking down the boundary between academia and industry. We’ve chosen to build Atria University in the heart of Bengaluru, to keep your learning experience grounded in reality.

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